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Dr. Kenia Cuevas

Dr. Kenia Cuevas is an accomplished general dentist with Seventeen years of experience restoring, beautifying and perfecting the teeth and smiles of patients. With the passion and detail of an artist. She delivers dental services to everyone from children to adults to seniors. Staying true to her vision, Dr. Cuevas aspires to redefine dentistry one at a time.

“ Improving people’s smiles, releasing them pain, and saving their teeth is powerfull,  I appreciate being able to help make my patients  dreams come true and watch their happiness return by bringing their smile back.”

With her welcoming maner,  her great skills, and hercommitment to excellent care it is  no wonder Dr. Cuevas is a favorite among Doral’s discerning residents and business community.


Satisfied, cared for, special, healthier, and educated in regards for their oral health, if may patients come away with all of that. I would feel I had done may job well.

Accepting Insurance

We accept most PPO Insurance, Please call us for more Information.

Using Innovative

All our treatments are furnished with state of the art equipment and maintained at the highest standards.

Certified Dentist

With over 15 years of dental experience and experience with implants, Dr. Cuevas is expert in all facets of dentistry.